High Stakes Palace: Where Winners PlayHome & Kitchen IdeasHow to Play Each Illinois Lottery Game
High Stakes Palace: Where Winners PlayHome & Kitchen IdeasHow to Play Each Illinois Lottery Game
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How to Play Each Illinois Lottery Game

how to play each illinois lottery game

How to Play Illinois Lottery Games

Illinois Lottery draw games can be purchased online via their official lottery website, where registration and provision of information must take place first. Once registered, select numbers or opt for Quick Pick to make purchases before selecting either one ticket or multiple tickets in “My Account”. Once your tickets have been bought they’ll appear there for access or checking results interactively in animated format; should any winnings have occurred then those will be displayed at the conclusion of animation with winnings highlighted at their conclusion.

Illinois currently hosts two multi-state and four Illinois-only draw games, as well as over 70 scratch games, both offering jackpots that start at $2 million and offer 11 ways of winning; these odds compare favorably to Powerball’s odds of one in 292 million or 302,575,350 when winning a jackpot! The most prominent multi-state games include Powerball and Mega Millions while Lotto offers jackpots that begin at $2 million with 11 ways of winning (one chance in 20,358,520 compared with 1 in 292 Million or 302,575,350), providing Illinois with four Illinois-only draws plus 70 scratch games (all multi-state). These multi-state games include Powerball/Mega Millions; this particular Illinois-only lottery offers jackpots starting from $2 Million up to $4 Million/302,575,350/3655.35350! Compared with 1 chance in Powerball/1 (one in 292/Mega Millions/302,575/3550/350!).

Illinois Lottery website and iOS app enable players to purchase lottery tickets. Players can purchase single-draw tickets or subscriptions for up to 25 drawings; multi-draw/Advance Play allows for getting identical numbers in each drawing, and Multi-Draw/Advance Play makes sure you always get them right! Unfortunately, Android users cannot take advantage of these services due to Google’s online gambling policies; you may still access their website but must have an address valid in Illinois in order to use this service.

At Illinois Lottery’s website you’ll find the latest lottery results and upcoming drawing schedules, along with previous winning numbers and jackpots. Results are typically updated five minutes after each drawing takes place and can even provide barcode details of winning tickets not claimed within that time. Furthermore, an alert message will appear if a prize remains unclaimed after five minutes have elapsed.

When selecting your numbers, try to have a mix of odd and even numbers. Odd or even numbers rarely occur together in isolation – less than two percent of times! A good mixture would include two odd and four even numbers or three odd and two even.

Are You Wanting a Higher Chance of Winning Illinois Lotto Tickets? Add the Extra Shot feature for up to 25x multiplication on non-jackpot prize amounts at just an additional $1 per line and increase your odds. In addition, Illinois Lotto provides Megaplier which gives second prize tier winners another opportunity for big winnings!

The Illinois Lottery offers an expansive selection of instant-win games, such as Keno, Scratch-offs, and digital formats designed to be enjoyable and convenient for players of all ages. However, according to NBC 5 Investigates investigations many of these instant win games remain for sale after winning prizes have already been claimed.

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