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Who Dares Wins Lottery Board Game

Who Dares Wins is an entertaining family board game featuring competitive bidding between players to see how many answers they can give in each category list. Each turn, players roll a dice and move their marker by the number indicated on it until their marker lands on a list square whereupon all other players make bids on how many answers can be named from that category list. The team with the highest bid will become List Masters until either they run out of answers or provide an incorrect one (resulting in them losing money).

Who Dares Win Lottery will have you sitting on the edge of your seat! A fun and challenging family game for all the family to enjoy together, who dares wins lottery will keep everyone on their toes with its exciting yet dare-devilish elements! Players may collect “Street Dare” cards that allow them to perform an act such as ‘allowing someone else to tickle you for fifteen seconds” or “Wiggle Your Ears Without Being Tickled”. A truly engaging lottery experience! Who Dares Win Lottery promises an edge-of-your-seat adventure that will surely keep everyone engaged throughout!

Who Dares Wins was initially developed as a National Lottery tie-in but quickly expanded into its own series hosted by I’m A Celebrity campmate Nick Knowles. Two teams of strangers are placed into soundproof booths. A list subject is read aloud (such as Steven Spielberg films or countries with more than 50 million people), then bids placed by both teams for how many items from that category they can name before hearing their pod turn blue when hearing each other and red when not. The first team to win two lists advances to play for money up to PS50,000!

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